Anet A8 upgrade – metal frame

The original frame of the Anet A8 is not very rigid, which is terrible for print speed and quality of prints. Therefore we will replace the acrylic frame with a new metal frame. This means I can now literally double the print speed of my Anet A8 while still achieving better quality. Ghosting is all gone and printing is quieter.

As promised here are the basic dimensions and parts you will need.

Parts to print

You can print all plastic parts yourself before you take the original Anet A8 printer apart.

30×30 mm extrusions

30×30 mm extrusions: (Amazon affiliate link)

30×30 mm extrusions: (Amazon non-affiliate link)

  • X-axis – 2x – 260 mm, 320 mm – 1x
  • Y-axis – 2x – 405 mm
  • Z-axis – 2x – 465 mm

Bolts and nuts

  • M6 – 10 mm bolt – 80x
  • M6 – 15 mm bolt – 20x
  • M6 – flange nut – 100x
  • M3 – 14 mm bolt – 4x (Bolts of this specific length are necessary for securing the Y-axis linear rods in place.)
  • You will obviously need more M3 bolts and nuts, but you can take these from the original frame.

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